This program 'Anaglyph Maker' creates anaglyph image that is 3D image for reb-blue glasses, and creates interleave image that is 3D image for LC-shutter glasses, from your stereo photograph pair.


This program is for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/7.

This program is Freeware.

You can make gray-anaglyph, color-anaglyph, interleave image for LC-shutter glasses, image for SHARP 3D-LC Display.

JPEG, BMP format can import and save.

You can adjust real time for holizontal shift or vertical shift with 'U,D,L,R' buttons on the screen.

You can adjust brightness or contrast of the image.

You can get the red-blue glasses at the websits such as 'Reel-3D', 'Berezin Stereo Photography Products'.

You can get the LC-shutter glasses at the websits such as 'VR Surfer', 'i-glasses'.

This program was written in C++Builder5 by Takashi Sekitani.

Download 'Anaglyph Maker' Ver1.08 (729KB)

Copyright 2001-2004 Takashi Sekitani, All Rights Reserved.