3D Stereoscopic Movie


Short Stereoscopic 3D Footage (private work)


3D senic taken by timelapse and hyper stereoscopic

Duration : 1min 44sec
Location : Tottori, Onomichi, Beppu... Japan
Camera : CANON EOS-5DMK2
Year : 2011

Fireworks Symphony

Stereoscopic 3D movie of annual Suwa lake fireworks festival in Nagano Japan. For getting left and right videos with effective stereoscopic, two HD video cameras were placed apart about 15m.

Duration : 3min 34sec
Location : Nagano Japan
Camera : CANON XH-G1
Year : 2007

Universe in a coffee cup 3D

Jump into the universe in your coffee cup in 3D! - taken using one DSLR EOS-5Dmak2 with DeWijs macro stereo lens.

Duration : 4min 25sec
Location : at home
Camera : CANON EOS-5DMK2
Year : 2011

Fantom Girl -YUI

3D live action phantogram video. Please watch this using a tablet device such as iPad on a table with anaglyph (Red-Cyan) 3D glasses, see from 45 degree angle.

Duration : 25sec
Location : at home
Camera : CANON XH-G1
Year : 2011

A Day of Amsterdam

Timelapse footage of the water way at Amsterdam.

Duration : 43sec
Location : Amsterdam Netherlands
Camera : CANON EOS-5DMK2
Year : 2011

NSA 2011 in Loveland

Trip to NSA Convention 2011

Duration : 12min 11sec
Location : Colorado USA
Camera : SONY TD-10
Year : 2011


Lunch time of hungry carps, taken using Fujifilm REAL3D W3.

Duration : 1min 3sec
Location : Nara, Japan
Year : 2011

Music Starmine

Ebisukou Fireworks Festival on November 2010, enjoy the 3D fireworks synced with music.

Duration : 10min 28sec
Location : Nagano, Japan
Camera : CANON XH-G1
Year : 2010

3D motion TOKYO

3D motion slide show using stereo photos taken in Tokyo. (anaglyph version)

Duration : 3min 5sec
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Camera : CANON EOS-5D
Year : 2008