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Stereoscopic Artists Link in JAPAN

    STEREO CLUB TOKYO is a stereo photo club in Tokyo Japan, Meeting has been holding 4 times a year. ISU club member.
    (by Mr. Okano)
3D Kansai
    3D KANSAI is a stereo photo club in Osaka Japan. Meeting has been holding 4 times a year. ISU club member.
    (by Mr. Matsubara)
Planet 16-16
    English page is available.
    You will see excellent mixing between pretty girl's stereo photos and computer 3D CG. If you are interested in CG or cosplayer or monkey, you should check it out.
    (by Mr. Teshima)
    English page is available.
    This website has a lot of 3D anaglyph illustrations by using FLASH technology. Some of them are like a movie. Very interesting.
    (by Mr. ImaOg)
    English page is available.
    FISH EYES (Underwater), INSECT EYES, FLASH EYES are very interesting 3D photographs taken by professional photographer Mr.Asakura.
    (by Mr. Asakura)
Stereoscopic Photography of Flowers in Japan
    English page is available.
    This page contains a lot of Flowers in 3D.
    (by Mr. Decoyama)
    English page is available.
    Amazing 3D ART which made from 2D pictures by Mr.Sugiyama. You can buy them at his website.
    (by Mr. Sugiyama)
Okuyuki's Stereo Photo Gallery
    English page is available.
    There are a lot of photos ,Japanese Scenery, flowers, girls and more. They are very exciting!
    (by Mr. Okuyuki)
3-D Views Home
    English page is available.
    This page is made by John who live in Kyoto Japan. There are a lot of photographs in Japan and technical informations for stereo photograph.
    (by Mr. John Goodman)
Stereo Photo Gallery Kawagoe
    English page is available.
    There are a lot of stereo photos and 3D maps and 3D computer graphics.
    (by Mr. Kawagoe)
Custom Electric 3D Cameras
    He is making various custom-made digital stereo cameras. They are fun!
    (by Mr. Iwata)
    You can see the constellations and stars of the universe in 3D at this site.
    (by Mr. Inaka)
The Simple Making of Stereoscopic Photography
    English page is available.
    This page present you to make a stereo-pair photography very simple.
    (by Mr. Kawano)
Matsubara Kiyoshi Stereo Photo Gallery
    English page is available.
    There are some underwater stereo photos and world stereo photos. He is a president of Kansai Stereo Photo Society in Osaka Japan
    (by Mr. Matsubara)
Sterep-Photos in many countries
    There are a lot of photos in many cities or countries, Paris, London, Roma, Florence, Russia etc.
    (by Mr. Toyoda)
Stereo Photo Gallery
    English page is available.
    This site's stereo photos are really high quality.
    (by Mr. Namai)
Japan Day by Day
    English page is available.
    There are stereo photographs of the place where an author visited in Japan.
    (by Mr. Natumi)
POO's Home
    English page is available.
    Software making anaglyph image and anaglyph movie for Mac is available here. There are also friendly stereo photographs.
    (by Mr. Ono)
    Fireworks stereo photos are so beautiful. He is a pyrotechnist and friendly stereo photographer.
    (by Mr. Nakamura)
    A lot of stereo pairs and anaglyphs especially around Nagoya are in his page.
    (by Mr. Takemoto)
    I was surprised at a large quantity of the camera collection of this site.
    (by Mr. Araki)
Stereo Photo Station
    Interesting design web site. There are many stereo photos taken by many kind of camera in this site.
    (by Mr. Osaka)
    Many description of stereo camera and stereo viewer is written on this site.
    (by Mr. Ishimaru)
Gallery Orchid
    There are a lot of stereo photos of beautiful orchid he raised.
    (by Mr. Akahori)

Stereoscopic Artists Link in the WORLD

Studio 3D
    STUDIO 3D provides 3D content as well as provide production support for print, video, multimedia or web, made by Ron Labbe who lives in MA USA.
3D by Dan Shelley
    Many stereo photos presented in anaglyph, stereo pair and JPS formats, free 3D related clip art, 3D book list, 3D links, and much more. There are a lot of 3D things in this website by Dan Shelley.
Terryfic 3D
    A lot of beautiful stereo photographs, anaglyphs and phantograms are in this website by Terry Wilson who lives in New Jersey USA.
ThirdSpace photography by SimonM.Bell
    There are beautiful stereo photographs taken by Canadian professional photographer Simon Bell.
Gabriel Jacob's 3-D Homepage
    You can enjoy various anaglyph pictures on this website.
Solid Illusion
    This page is made by Dale Walsh who is Award Winner of some stereo photograph contests. His wonderful 3D images are on this website.
Stereoscopic Photography
    You can get 'STEREO SCOPE' java appret for 3D exhibition for your web site.
EatAPotato Stereoscopy
    There are 3D stereo movies by 3DCG in this website. That's amazing.
    Beautiful exotic portraits of people and animals are in this site. We can enjoy the beautiful stereo photos with parallel or cross-eye viewing.
David's Stereoscopic Photo Gallery
    This site is including stereo views of the Grand Canyon, the Smoky Mountains, Canada, England, France and more.
Taipei Stereographic
    Great 3D site in Taiwan.
P.I.X.L.F.U.X.A 's stereoscopic photo
    Some of stereo photograph are exhibited by cross-eyed viewing. - Digital Imaging in drei Dimensionen
    This page is showing anaglyph photos of sculptures, and some 3D images from 2D arts by Klaus Moll from Germany
Virtual & Really.Ru
    Virtual reality site in Russia. You can enjoy a lot of anaglyphs and LC-glasses stereo photos taken in Rissia, and also there are detailed explanations of 3D software and hardware.
Ari 3D Stereo Photography
    Photoblog of stereoscopic images and anaglyphs by Ari Schindler.

Stereoscopic Shops Link

Berezin Stereo Photography Products
    A lot of stereo photograph products are in this web shop.
    A lot of stereo photograph products are in this web shop.
Rocky Mountain Memories
    Stereo mounts, books, cameras, viewers, accessories ... are on this website. Also '3D Photo Friend-Finder' will be good information to look for 3D friend.
3D images Ltd
    3D glasses, 3D conversions, customize viewmaster reels, Lenticuler print, etc are available on this company in UK.
    RBT is a company developing the modern stereo camera in Germany.
3D Concepts
    They are selling RBT cameras, mounts, 3D projectors, etc in USA.
De Wijs
    Design and production of stereoscopic instruments. They are selling great stereo viewers, 3D glasses, etc in Netherlands
Ekeren 3D Equipment
    Design and production of stereoscopic viewers. They are selling many kinds of stereo viewers including medium format stereo viewer and rotary stereo viewers.
DrT's Stereo Products and Services
    Dr.T's stereo shop.