How to show your 3D photo/video at STEREO CLUB TOKYO club meeting

@At the STEREO CLUB TOKYO club meeting, we can show your 3D slide shows/ 3D videos in polarized projection with two video projectors and Windows PC. The screen size is about 80 to 120 inches.

How to show your 3D slides
  • Bring your photos in a folder on a USB memory stick.
  • The image files should be side-by-side in JPEG or MPO format.
  • The pictures are showed by alphabetical order of the file names.
  • The show should be up to 15min per person.
  • Exe file will be accepted.

How to show your 3D video
  • Bring your video file in a USB memory stick.
  • The video size should be up to 1920x1080
  • The video format should be side-by-side(half-width) in WMV or MPEG4 H.264
  • The following is a good exsample to show at our club meeting.
    Size : 1920~1080
    Format : Side-by-side (squeezed 50% width)
    Encoding : WMV up to 10Mbps or MPEG4 H.264 up to 15Mbps

  • In other format, We will try to show it, but not sure we can show it.