Welcome to STEREOeYe .
My name is Takashi Sekitani who is an independent stereoscopic photographer / stereoscopic movie maker, lives in Saitama Japan.

Some of my representative 3D photo works are also on my Instagram, Pinterest

I have been taking stereo pictures since 1990, and have been shooting 3D movies since 1995. I LOVE 3D photographs/Movies very much, especially interested in hyper stereo for senic, anaglyph and phantogram. I am a member of STEREO CLUB Tokyo, NSA, ISU. My equipments are Twin digital SLRs, RBT stereo cameras, Macro stereo lense, Twin HD video cameras...
Please email me feel free if you are interested in my 3D work.
I also use the following internet SNS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

  • Software 'Anaglyph Maker', 2000
  • Public group exhibition in Tokyo, 2002
  • Exhibition 'stereoIMAGEnation 2002' by CSC, Best of show, 2002
  • Digital slide show 'Bath Plug Adventure' at NSA convention, 2002
  • Slide show 'Fireworks' at ISU congress, 2003
  • Digital slide show 'West of America' for 3D-Factory, 2003
  • Stereo slide book 'BOB SAPP' direction, 2003
  • 3D Movie 'Life Under the Sea' for 3D-Factory, 2004
  • 3D Movie 'Hot air baloon' for 3D-Factory, 2004
  • 3D Movie 'Yellowstone' for 3D-Factory, 2004
  • 3D Movie 'Stereo Movie Quize' for 3D-Factory, 2004
  • 3D Movie 'Go to NASA space center' for 3D-Factory, 2005
  • 3D Movie 'Fireworks' for 3D-Factory', 2005
  • Public group exhibition 'Tobidashi Masse 3' in Osaka, 2005
  • Stereo photos for 'Sience Picture Book' / Gakken, 2006
  • Articl 'Application and possibility of stereo photo' for geography magazine, 2006
  • Talk session with photographer Chotoku Tanaka in Tokyo, 2006
  • Public group exhibition 'Tobidashi Masse 4' in Osaka, 2006
  • 3D movie images for '3D batting machine' / Dr.K , 2006
  • Anaglyph photo book '3D-TOKYO' issue, 2006
  • Anaglyph promotion video / Mod's hair, Unilever Japan, 2007
  • 3D photos for demonstration of 3D display/ Itochu, 2007
  • Anaglyph for magazine 'Kindergarten Jun. issue'/ Shogakukan, 2007
  • 3D Movie 'Doggycam' at ISU/NSA convention, 2007
  • Anaglyph TV-CM, website and poster for 'Megane Store' /glasses shop in Japan, 2007
  • Public group exhibition 'Tobidashi Masse 5' in Osaka, 2007
  • 3D Movie 'Fireworks in 3D -SUWA LAKE 2007-' at 3D FAIR 2007 in Korea, 2007
  • 3D Movie 'Fireworks in 3D -SUWA LAKE 2007-' at 3D Expo in Yokohama, 2007
  • Anaglyph post card / IBM Japan, 2008
  • Anaglyph for magazine 'Kindergarten Sep. issue'/ Shogakukan, 2008
  • Public group exhibition 'Tobidashi Masse 6' in Osaka, 2008
  • 3D Movie '3D motion TOKYO' at 3D Expo in Yokohama, 2008
  • 3D Movie 'Fireworks Symphony' get Best of Show at SD&A 2009
  • 3D Movie 'Fireworks Symphony' get Honorable Mention at Sixth Ever 3-D competition 2009
  • 3D music video 'Rain Is Fallin / winds' / PONY CANYON, 2009
  • 3D Movie 'Fireworks Symphony' at DOWNTOWN FILM FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES, 2009
  • Promotion 3D photos for FUJI FinePix W1 / FUJIFILM, 2009
  • Article 'Basic for S3D filming' on 'Video Alfa Jan. issue', 2010
  • Billboard size anaglyph poster for 'TRICK' movie, 2010
  • Exhibition at Tokyu Hands Store in Sibuya Tokyo, 2010
  • Anaglyph for magazine '1st Grade Aug. issue'/ Shogakukan, 2010
  • Live video show using endoscope in 3D at Tokyo medical university, 2010
  • Promotion 3D photos and videos for FUJI FinePix W3 / FUJIFILM, 2010
  • Article 'Basic of S3D' on '3D image work handbook', 2010
  • 3D Movie 'Stereo Timelapse' get Honorable Mention at SD&A 2011
  • Anaglyph for magazine '3rd Grade Jun. issue'/ Shogakukan, 2011
  • 3D Movie 'Stereo Timelapse' and 'Universe in a coffee cup' at NSA convention, 2011
  • 3D Movie 'Universe in a coffee cup' at ISU congress, 2011
  • 3D movies exhibit at '3Dimensionale' in Vienna, 2012
  • 54th Hollywood International Stereo Exhibition, 2nd place, 2012
  • Seminar in 3D theater 'How to make 3D movie' / Rittaikyo, 2012
  • 3D slide show 'What's Real?' at NSA convention, 2012
  • Part of public exhibition '3D innovation' at Toshiba science museum, 2012
  • 3D photo workshop at Toshiba science museum, 2012
  • Seminar in 3D theater 'Basic for 3D movie making' / Visual Media Expo 2012
  • Stereo photo on high school textbook 'Society and information' / Tokyo Shoseki, 2013
  • Anaglyph photo ibooks '3D PHOTO JAPAN VOL.1 JAPAN Issue' / STEREOeYe 2013
  • iPhone APP '3D-TOKYO' / STEREOeYe, 2013
  • 3D Movie 'Fireworks - Dancing Phoenix' and 'Kanamara Festival' at ISU congress, 2013
  • Seminar in 3D theater 'Basic for 3D movie making' / Visual Media Expo 2013
  • Anaglyph photo ibooks '3D PHOTO JAPAN VOL.2 HUMOR & FUN Issue' / STEREOeYe, 2013
  • Fireworks footage was used on the Blu-ray DISK 'BEST OF 3D', 2013

Stereo Cameras which I used

Video camera rig setting for 3D macro movie

3D Aerophotograph of TOKYO
3D Aerophotograph, Downtown TOKYO

Takashi Sekitani
Kashiwa-cho Shiki Saitama, 3530007, Japan

Email :